6 Mistakes Smart People Make and when we hire a main job

“Employing people is like making friends. When you choose a good person, your life will become full. If you choose improperly, you will lose energy,” said Jason Fried.

Fried is a person who knows what it takes to build an online team. No matter what ambition you have, the role of an entrepreneur is to lead and develop it.

For some people, this includes building a great empire. For others, this is a small (but valuable) team around you. In any case, you need to hire people. In today’s online drive world, many people lead to virtual assistants, freelancers and position-independent workers.

Even wise and successful entrepreneurs make mistakes in employment, but you can improve your chances by going there and listening to the advice of the person doing the matter. Six successful people shared the best tips for building a virtual team.

 Know where to start.

Chris Ducker is not only a successful online brand of Youpreneur, but also one of the early pioneers of the virtual workforce. He formed several online teams for his business and helped hundreds of other teams do the same.

“To save time and money, please list three free lists. Things you don’t like to do every day, things you don’t want to do, things you shouldn’t do. Will be created and managed effectively.”

A common problem that Ducker found was that he was not good at hiring virtual assistants. These three lists can help you focus on the team’s work and save time and money.

Do not let the VA work. Request a daily update.

As the founder of Outsourcing and the best-selling author of “No More Work”, Ellend Bakke is dedicated to building a successful virtual team. Communication is important to all entrepreneurs, but communication is even more important when working with people around the world. You need to know what the team is doing, but not enough to manage the team. It turns out that daily updates are very valuable to you and to them.

“My best advice is to update every day,” Bakke said. “That’s what I sent them: Enter the date and time in total. What did they do today. I have two challenges. They face three problems. I have saved a lot of hours in the past six questions.”

Don’t forget to share your vision with VA.

As the founder of the suitcase entrepreneur, Natalie Sisson has successfully established an online business despite traveling around the world as a modern nomad. She will leave the success to the virtual team to ensure that the “right” people are involved. This requires people who invest in the big picture, not just skilled people.

“Share your business vision with VA. You can fully understand the work of VA.” “Understand the goals they are working as a team and they have ownership.”

Don’t ignore the importance of creating experiences.

Ari Meisel is a long-term productivity and outsourcing advocate who builds influence and provides the virtual support customers need. He appreciated the importance of communication, especially when communicating with people from different rooms, countries and regions. Rather than relying on email, it’s better to create an experience that has value and feels part of a “real” team rather than a “virtual” team.

“We accept asynchronous communication, such as Slack and video messaging with Fika,” Meisel said. “The experience of being as rich as possible for people who are not in the same room as you.”

Remember that you need a backup plan.

As an early pioneer of the virtual support campaign, Erin Blaskie helped hundreds of companies build virtual teams. As with most business areas, having Plan B is very important.

“We will develop a reliable backup plan in the worst case,” Blaskie said. “I developed the company into a company with more than 70 customers and relied on subcontractors to fill this gap. The customer has a one-stop shop, but the lead web designer suddenly disappeared.”

Virtual assistants may come and go to change the direction of your business. However, a constant factor is you, so the processes, backup plans and alternatives you create today will change everything tomorrow.

Do not allow VA to access any part of your business.

As a global consultant for a multinational company, Kimanzi Constable has built a strong virtual team to manage the itinerary, resources and online brands. But after one of his team members lags behind him, Constable is backwards.