AI Is Taking the Art is getting out of stock

Few jobs are as mysterious as sales. Sales representatives respect doing impossible things, overcoming anxiety and self-regulation to complete large transactions under pressure. Admire successful sales professionals. Because they did what we thought we could not do. They closed the door (take a cup of coffee. Thanks to Alec Baldwin).

But the times are changing, and the salespeople depicted in countless movies and TV shows are irrelevant or outdated.

Today’s salespeople operate in a new environment. Of course, some deals are still in wooden conference rooms or martinis, but most sales are done in digital environments, such as email, websites and even text messages (interestingly, close to text, 20% of software agent deals) ). This is a major change from the most popular sales strategy, Cold Cole, for many years.

According to Forrester’s report entitled “B2B Salesperson Death”, by 2020, more than 20% of B2B telemarketers will be unemployed and will be completely replaced by e-commerce.

The author of the report, Andy Hoar, explains why: “In the past few years, the behavior of B2B buyers has changed dramatically. Nearly 75% of B2B buyers say it is more convenient to buy from an e-commerce site than to buy from a salesperson. 93% of people who have decided to purchase goods prefer to buy online.

Changing the environment requires new skills.

Uzi Shmilovici, founder and CEO of Base CRM (using AI’s customer relationship management system) said: “But this trait is actually competing with other more relevant people. Today’s successful sales people are sales scientists, they Plan in-depth marketing campaigns and complete large transactions in a digital environment. One who can achieve it.

Over the past decade, sales representatives’ outreach capabilities have grown exponentially from the number of people who can call each day to the number of people who can be emailed and targeted by custom targeting. Increase to

Today, artificial intelligence plays an important role in modern sales offices, helping to organize and improve customer relationship management.

These AI platforms will monitor the salesperson’s habits over time and begin to suggest improvements to performance. Shmilovici pointed out that the normative sales platform is far more powerful than the number of future projects sold, and suggests meaningful improvements.

“Most CRM technologies can help you understand sales, sales possibilities, and what factors have the most impact on your performance,” he said. “Declarative sales go beyond the way to determine which practices can actually improve sales. Data-based recommendations, sales representatives will not be able to seize opportunities in any other way.”

Just look at the way sales representatives work and succeed, and a prescriptive sales platform can learn best practices and make them very accurate.

For example, you can see that a cold-bent email is 20% more effective on Tuesday than Monday. If you make a follow-up call within 10 minutes of signing up online, you can see an increase in conversions. You can almost find unlimited potential insights.

People who work on their own cannot handle large amounts of data efficiently. However, the normative sales platform and its recommendations to run quietly in the background add a layer of sales intelligence to each business.

In order to work with AI to improve sales

a scientist is needed instead of Glenn League League Ross. In Alec Baldwin’s famous speech, he condemned complaints about sales team leads. Today, artificial intelligence can play an active role in potential customer ratings by discovering common features between successful transactions.

Yesterday, the most successful salespeople can say that they have the instinct to help them choose the best sales leads and intuitively know when to call and say. But technology has increased their intuition and, most importantly, sales representatives are now free to use all the technology to make the best possible outcomes.

Shmilovici said: “Because of AI, sales organizations are changing rapidly.” “They hired different types of sales people, added roles to the work of sales scientists, and more closely integrated with other aspects of the business. All of these changes Improved results. These are all sold.”