Chatbots Can Help Your Team But but they cant get yours

This year, the use of chat bots has exploded and continues to provide opportunities for companies around the world. Entrepreneurs who understand these technologies have more ways to interact with their customers because these chat bots put their business in the middle of action. Let me explain if you are not used to this idea. […]

AI Is Taking the Art is getting out of stock

Few jobs are as mysterious as sales. Sales representatives respect doing impossible things, overcoming anxiety and self-regulation to complete large transactions under pressure. Admire successful sales professionals. Because they did what we thought we could not do. They closed the door (take a cup of coffee. Thanks to Alec Baldwin). But the times are changing, […]

Why Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is more important than business

In the arc of every modern technology development, there is usually a lot of attention to the technology itself. For example, when artificial intelligence (AI) becomes computational and cognitive, researchers and university professors can see the difference between neural networks and machine learning mechanisms and the technology (and many other forms of AI). From a […]

How Different Is Today’s youth and old genrations

Today, the Internet can provide a variety of knowledge very easily. However, having so many choices to collect the necessary knowledge about a particular topic may add confusion. This is the case with the Z generation. There are very few facts about the Z generation. However, finding too many information stacks makes it difficult to […]

I Used to Work in a Call Center and here is the main roots

Successfully developing voice services that can replace call center personnel can save businesses billions of dollars. Jones Lang LaSalle Research estimates that the annual cost of a global call center is $310 billion. Leading technology companies, such as Amazon, Google, IBM and Cisco, have invested millions of dollars in voice technology research and development, and […]

6 Mistakes Smart People Make and when we hire a main job

“Employing people is like making friends. When you choose a good person, your life will become full. If you choose improperly, you will lose energy,” said Jason Fried. Fried is a person who knows what it takes to build an online team. No matter what ambition you have, the role of an entrepreneur is to […]

Tech Is Accelerating a Boom in the farming business

If food changes, food prices rise, and companies can’t come up with innovative ideas, investment in the food industry remains a valuable prospect. Advances in data and technology have not only seen significant growth in the way food is grown and harvested, but also in the way food is harvested and consumed. From seed to […]

A Decade of Transformation is growing sector today and tommorow

Ten years ago, it was significant to use a personal computer with a good Internet connection at home. Students will use the app to improve their pronunciation. Of course, many innovations in the education sector have affected the education sector over the past decade. First, the educational approach has changed. Rote’s learning methods have been […]

What’s the Future of Cloud in growing india

The Indian economy is growing rapidly and shines on a global scale. With the advancement of digitalization, mobile penetration and technology, economic progress is accelerating. In the field of information technology, India is growing rapidly and showing great potential in cloud computing services. In a short time, the cloud has evolved and has become an […]