Smart Plugs That’ll Make You Want One

Smart plugs come in all shapes and sizes and at prices to suit all budgets. They are the most basic element of any smart home.

Forget gadgets that enable Internet connectivity, home networks, and remote management – smart plugs are where it starts.

Here is all you need to know about smart plugs and how they can help improve your smart home experience.

What is a smart plug?

Smart plugs sit between an electrical outlet and the device you are plugging into. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and specifications, they all have a shared quality: remote control. This is typically achieved via Wi-Fi connectivity, although older devices use timers.

This enables you to set a plug to turn on or off whenever you want.

Wi-Fi smart plugs (such as the Casa Smart Plug range from TP-Link) can be accessed remotely via the app, or can be created an app-controlled outlet indirectly using IFTTT recipes. Smart plugs are also compatible with Alexa (and Google Assistant) for additional connectivity, making them ideal for any smart home project.

1. Wake up to smart plugs

What do you do first thing in the morning? Maybe you like listening to the radio, or enjoy a cup of coffee? You can heat a croissant with butter and jam it, starting your day with all three.

Instead of getting out of bed and having a barely conscious crash, why not put smart plugs for you to switch on?

With less worry in the morning, you will be able to prepare yourself and focus on looking presentable. If you have a family, the benefits are manifold!

2. Enjoy Pre-Heated Hair Iron

Need to style your hair before going out? Why not pre-set your smart plug to switch at the optimal time?

A timer or time-based app can be used to remotely switch on plugs, allowing heat to your hair.

It may take a few days to get it right, but you should find that when you pick them up, they are ready to use for hair.

3. Foolish opportunistic burglar

A large proportion of thieves are opportunistic crimes, crimes committed by thieves also bother to make some plans.

But what can a smart plug help?

If you are out or away from home for a few hours and are worried about crime in your area, why not put a smart plug to control your lights?

Either a timer or an app can be used here. To create an illusion of activity in your home, all you have to do is tap a button on your smartphone and turn on a light! Likewise, you can also switch to your TV.

4. Cook Dinner While You Are at Work

Can you take advantage at work while using other smart plugs? How about preparing dinner?

I personally recommend that you rely on the crock pot for a healthier and tastier result than the microwave. You add ingredients before working. You can remotely activate the crock pot to ensure a very tasty meal to arrive at home.

Smart plug in with wi-fi budget not increased? Just program your smart plug to switch so that food is ready when you get home.

5. Feed your pet while working late

Think you are not going home in time to feed your cat or dog? It is always difficult to leave pets throughout the day, but you do not want them to go hungry. Programmable, timed feeders are available, a pressure trigger feeder with a Wi-Fi smart plug is a good option.

After all, most nights you are at home to feed Fido. An automatic feeder connected to a Wi-Fi smart plug is a sensible backup.

Turn off your tumble dryer overnight

Over the years, many homes have proved to be tumble dryers due to fire. To avoid this, after midnight, employ a programmed smart plug to turn off the tumble dryer.

If you detect any smoke, you can also buy Nest Protect using the IFTTT recipe to kill the dryer. It has the advantage of stopping potential fires before it fires.

Alternatively, you can program the smart plug to switch to a tumble dryer when it is cheaper to use only for electricity.

7. Control your children’s console and TV

Modern family homes often have a children’s bedroom or playroom complete with a TV and game console. You can also have a PC, preferably with family safety software installed. But what about TV and console?

Well, smart plugs come to the rescue once again. There is space between the bus equipment and the power outlet, when setting the timer to turn off the agreed devices.

Also consider opting for a smart plug app to manage the time earned by your hardworking children on your game console. This creates an app-controlled outlet to control the console remotely.